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Our Worship Services

We call believers to worship twice each Lord’s Day:

First Service — 9:30 AM
Main Service 
— 11:10 AM

Our first service works through the doctrines of the Christian Church as summarized in our creeds and confessions. Our main service exposits the Word of God by preaching through the Bible. Get directions to our worship location.

Liturgy-Based Worship

Since the beginning, Christians have conducted dignified and God-centered worship on the Lord’s Day. Over the centuries, certain elements were found to be indispensable to a proper worship of God. These elements were codified in what became know as “liturgy”. What you will experience in our worship services is in line with the custom of the ancient Church, as practiced by the Reformers of the sixteenth century.

Liturgy helps us to focus on Christ and His glory

Liturgy places an abundance of Scripture before the worshiper, taking his mind off man. By having a liturgy the Christian becomes a participant in the worship, hearing God and responding to Him, instead of a mere observer. It gets our focus off this world and gives us hope for the next. It ties Old Testament and New Testament texts together, showing the promises in the Old, and fulfillment in the New.

Liturgy comforts believers

  • It declares that God’s Law has been satisfied by Jesus’ life, crucifixion, and resurrection.
  • It proclaims that righteousness has been credited to the believer.
  • It reminds the believer weekly of God’s gracious pardon of sins, and the sinner’s adoption as God’s child.

Liturgy helps unbelievers

Liturgy does not offer comfort to everyone, but only to believers. Unbelievers discover that they are not right with God, that the Law still condemns them. This is used by the Holy Spirit to bring sinners to repentance.

A Sample Liturgy

Download a PDF of a sample worship bulletin from our Sunday services to see our liturgy.

Watch a Service

Watch a service on our Videos page.